Gaskets for Construction Applications: Insulation, Heat & Noise Reduction Gaskets

Gaskets for Construction Applications: Insulation, Heat & Noise Reduction Gaskets

Here at Bryan Hose & Gasket, we provide builders and architects with gaskets for construction applications that are designed to seal, insulate and reduce sound and thermal transmission.

In addition, we have gaskets that are ideal sealing solutions for a variety of construction applications. These include the following:

  • glass & windows
  • sill systems
  • exterior wall systems
  • metal walls & roof panels
  • acoustic systems
  • roofing
  • and more.

Gaskets for Construction Applications: Designed for Insulation, Heat & Noise Reduction

We design our gaskets for architects, builders, and contractors to provide insulation and reduce heat and noise. They have a variety of uses, which include between the following:

  • wood or metal framing members and sub-flooring
  • exterior sheathing
  • interior gypsum board

They utilize a patented technology to reduce sound and thermal transmission. Our gaskets for floors, walls and ceilings give the room a quiet ambiance. Therefore, this helps to reduce noise transmission by up to 90%.

We carry low density closed cellular sill-seal material to seal between the sill plate and masonry or reinforced concrete. Therefore, our gaskets can reduce air infiltration, which provides a tighter building envelope and promotes energy savings. These gaskets for construction applications provide excellent resistance to the following:

  • weathering
  • fungi
  • oxidation

Swimming Pools and Pool Pumping Equipment Gaskets

Swimming pools have the added issue of chlorine. While great for maintaining cleanliness, chlorine wrecks havoc on seals and elastic materials. Silicones resist the chemical effects of chlorine. However, they are very difficult to ‘stick’, requiring use initially for clean and dry environments. In addition, silicone maintenance in a swimming pool environment can be difficult.

Pumping and filtration equipment require the best possible polymers, which purpose to the longevity and performance of the seals. Therefore, we provide gaskets for construction applications that are chlorine resistant with high quality rubbers in varying hardness.

Window Gaskets

Our rubber window gaskets are ideal for sealing environments that don’t have exposure to oils, gasoline, kerosene or concentrated acids. In addition, these gaskets provide excellent resistance to ozone, sunlight, insects, severe weather conditions, oxygen, acids and aging.

Our window gaskets provide great color stability and odor-free characteristics, as well as high heat resistance. Therefore, they are great for a variety of applications in construction.

Door Gaskets

We also provide door gaskets, which are great for sealing the perimeter / head and jambs of doors. In addition, door gaskets for construction applications also provide protection against insects. These gaskets have a variety of uses, including the following:

  • sound control
  • light infiltration
  • smoke and fire control

We stock gaskets for architects and builders. These range from simple rubber strips to heavy duty adjustable gasketing, which includes positive pressure ratings and fire stopping material. For more information on our gaskets or to purchase yours, contact us with the link below!

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